Document Risks and Manage Controls

Stay Up to Date
Establish and update your risk and controls matrix, control test plans, and instructions

Rationalize Controls
Map hierarchies for mandates (SOX, etc), frameworks (COSO, COBIT etc), processes, risks, objectives, legal entities, etc.

Improve Decision Making
Identify and document business risks in a unified repository

Assess Control Effectiveness

Optimize for Efficiency
Plan assessments based on geography, business unit, and compliance requirements

Ensure Timely Assessments
Automate periodic or ad-hoc control testing (assessments), risk assessments, or surveys

Simplify Reporting
Capture and store all test results, evidence, and comments in a single repository

Address Deficiencies and Certify Controls

Detect Critical Issues
Allow user to create issues as part of the assessment flow

Notify Stakeholders Promptly
Automatic email notification sent to issue owners and approvers

Certify with Confidence
Create and update remediation plans and tasks, and certify controls (SOX 302, 404 etc.)