Plan and Optimize

Balance Territory Coverage
Model territory definitions, analyze potential, and uncover gaps and overlaps

Assign Meaningful Targets
Optimize sales rep performance with top-down and bottom-up quota planning

Design Incentive Plans
Align incentive plans with performance measures and sales strategy

Motivate and Reward

Use Performance Tactics
Employ accelerators, thresholds, and gates to compensate targeted behaviors

Use Games to Drive Sales
Transform mundane tasks into engaging programs using badges, leader boards, and other game mechanics

Recognize Top Performers
Highlight and reward top sales reps with monetary or non-monetary awards

Coach and Train

Promote Best Practices
Identify successful selling techniques and coach average and below average performers

Tailor Sales Coaching Plans
Develop individualized coaching plans and track progress against objectives

Nurture Sales Knowledge
Prescribe online learning and leverage powerful collaboration tools for sales training