Tailoring Solutions to Each Customer

A company interested in ERP outsourcing should strongly consider several factors prior to selecting their provider. One of the most important of these is financial viability. ST Tech has achieved profitability in every quarter since its inception in 2002. This ensured its long-term viability as a service provider. This means the decisions that ST Tech Inc makes are based on its long-term vision, rather than a reaction to short-term financial needs.

Below are some of the reasons ST Tech is the leading provider of ERP Outsourcing services to mid-market enterprises:

We Offer Tailored Solutions

ST Tech provides an extensive, flexible solution, tailored to the needs of our customers. In addition to providing the highest levels of ERP application support, we can manage all related IT systems. As a result, our customers don’t need multiple parties managing their technology; instead they have a single point of accountability for IT issues.

We Provide Strategic Advantage Support

By partnering with ST Tech, our customers are able to focus on accelerating the delivery of vital initiatives in order to achieve strategic advantages in their own markets. ST Tech is an expert at managing ERP environments. We eliminate the need for our customers to spend time with the day-to-day distractions of poor systems availability and stability.


Promise what we can deliver

This is our core philosophy practiced throughout the organization. At ST Tech Inc., our teams are encouraged to take on only those projects that are within the realm of delivery. Unlike many of our competitors who will take any project, whether or not they have the capability to deliver it, our teams are trained to openly discuss alternatives with clients whenever they are faced with such situations.

We Provide Higher Levels of Service

Our customers realize significant increases in their overall systems stability within the first three to six months of outsourcing with ST Tech. Additionally, the customer’s end-users receive exceptional 24/7 support. In fact, approximately 50% of all issues are resolved by our Support Center while the customer is still on the phone. This translates to sustainability, productivity and efficiency for our customers.

We Allow for Cost Containment and Predictability

Outsourcing enables our customers to maintain predictable IT costs over multiple year agreements, while avoiding many of the typical capital expenditures relative to their technology infrastructure. By budgeting one low monthly fee for the life of the contract, our customers are able to free up capital, operating and depreciation expenses.

We are a Customer Intimate Organization

Since inception, ST Tech prides itself on our customer focused business model. By frequently consulting with our customers we guarantee service expectations are not just met, but are often exceeded. This service oriented strategy ensures that we never lose focus on shared goals. Customer intimacy is, and will continue to be, the foundation of our culture and the governance for our operational practices.


Client Partnership Model

ST Tech Inc approach is to partner with the client so as to establish long-term partnerships. Right from the technical architect to the CEO, we all get involved in the management of each project to make it a success. We have routine management meetings with all clients to keep the client and internal teams abreast of the progress of the project.